Fishers of Men needsYOU

Fishers of Men is a team effort – truly operating as one body, just as God’s Word teaches in I Corinthians.  While the Lord has called Julie and other team members to be His hands and feet full-time in Mexico, they could not carry out that call without the participation of the rest of the body.  So… 

How can you become involved? 

1)  PRAY – Fishers of Men depends daily on your prayers for provision, wisdom, protection, and power.  Request to be included on the Fishers of Men email mailing list by writing to fishersofmenmexico@gmail.com.  You will then receive the Fishers of Men monthly update newsletters and be up-to-the-minute on urgent prayer requests!

2) GIVE – Fishers of Men is a faith-based mission that depends wholly on the generous donations given by churches and individuals who believe in the mission of Fishers of Men.  Fishers of Men receives no funding from any mother organization nor from any specific denomination.  All donations are tax deductible.  Please make checks payable to: Fishers of Men.  Financial support may be sent to:
Fishers of Men
P.O. Box 940
Shelbyville, IN 46176-0940

You may contribute through PayPal by going to this PAGE.

3) GO – Go to Mexico to be Jesus’ hands and feet to the hurting, lost and lonely! 

Click HERE to learn how you can arrange your own personal short-term mission experience.

 Mission Trip Opportunities

You can participate on two different mission trips with Fishers of Men: a work team at Refuge Ranch or an Evangelistic Medical Mission Crusade. 

The following applies to both types of trips: 

You will need to be in good health and have a valid passport. 

Average length of either type of trip is from a week to 10 days.  Longer stays for individuals are also available. 

Cost: Round trip airfare to Mexico City plus $55 per day per person for room, board, and ground transportation.  The cost of a long-term commitment is negotiable.  

One or more persons can join teams already scheduled for Refuge Ranch or a Crusade, or your organization can form your own team to Refuge Ranch.  Teams consist of from two to 20 persons. 

Refuge Ranch

Refuge Ranch, located in south central Mexico, is a home for abandoned and neglected children.  The current house is not adequate for the growing family.  Construction is underway for a larger home.  

What would you do?

* General construction
* Help the children with math, reading, computers, music, art, sports, etc.  
* Household projects such as sewing, canning, organizing, cleaning
* Possible outreach to neighborhood children through Bible school

Serving at Refuge Ranch with my team was not only a time of true joy, but also a great witness of God’s love, power and faithfulness on that mountain.  Our ministry to the dump in Mexico City was both humbling and life-changing – an awesome way to carry the light of Christ to those living in darkness.  I urge you to go - be a part of the ministries of Refuge Ranch and be forever changed by the heart of God!”  -- Teresa Moore, administrative assistant  

“Having been involved with numerous ministry opportunities, I thought I knew what to expect at Refuge Ranch.  Instead, I was completely blown away by the miraculous power of God as revealed through the lives of the family.  What might have become of these children had they continued on the destructive, abusive paths of their lives is horrifying.  God's transformation of these young lives through Julie and the staff is incredible, and inspires me to be an instrument of His love as well.”  -- Jim Shackle, educator

Evangelistic Medical Mission Crusades

Crusades meet physical and spiritual needs in remote poverty-stricken regions of Mexico. 

Personnel needed: 

Children’s workers
General volunteers

“What a blessing it was to join Fishers of Men on an Evangelistic Medical Mission Crusade!  In September 2007, I volunteered to help provide dental care in underserved areas of Mexico, not really knowing what to expect.  I found the crusade both challenging and eye-opening. I was stretched in my abilities as a pediatric dentist, but God provided the patience and patients (many grateful children and adults) needed.   I witnessed the gratitude of individuals as their physical and spiritual needs were met and the compassion of fellow crusaders joyfully meeting these needs.  I left with my heart full and an eagerness to return when I get the opportunity.”  -- Joe Inman, pediatric dentist 

“Why do I keep returning for another medical mission?  This is a ministry that not only treats the maladies of the population but also the souls of these people.  Each person is individually treated, counseled, encouraged, and prayed with.  Through giving I receive.”  - -  Lorraine Kenter, Physician Assistant-Certified 

All that is needed is a heart willing to serve!  

Please contact Fishers of Men at fishersofmenmexico@gmail.com if you are interested in participating in a mission trip to Refuge Ranch or an Evangelistic Medical Mission Crusade!