Evangelistic Medical Mission Crusades

Evangelistic Medical Mission Crusades are weeklong crusades, complete with volunteer doctors, dentists, nurses, hair stylists, children’s workers, cooks and general volunteers that seek to meet the physical needs present in poverty-stricken regions throughout Mexico in order to more effectively address the spiritual needs present.  Free medical appointments (including free medication) and hair cuts are carried out throughout the day, along with activities for the local children.  The good news of Jesus Christ is shared individually with all those attending the crusade, and the opportunity to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior is given to each person.  Fishers of Men works closely with churches and missionaries in the area to ensure that follow-up and discipleship occur. 

Here's a few snapshots of what goes on during a typical crusade...


                                Two women arriving at the crusade.          The intake process: vital signs, weight and medical history.

A typical crusade setup on the town basketball court.

                                    Volunteer dentists hard at work.                                                                                   Free haircuts

                                   Children's ministry                                                  Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

And of course, everyone has to eat!
Rosa does remarkable things with the primitive cooking facilities on a crusade