Fishers of Men was founded in 2003. We are grateful for God's provision and the partnership of so many over the past fifteen years.

Mission Statement
Fishers of Men is an organization of evangelical Christians
whose mission is to glorify God by meeting the basic needs of our neighbor
while seeking the integral transformation of that person.

The Two Facets of the Mission
The Evangelistic Medical Mission Crusades and Refuge Ranch
are the essence of Fishers of Men. Here's a brief summary of each.

Evangelistic Medical Mission Crusades

In a country imprisoned by a national religion permeated with empty rituals and superstitions, Fishers of Men, through medical and dental clinics conducted under the leadership of Adrian Tovar, provides much needed free medical care in remote and poverty-stricken regions of Mexico, while offering the hope and help that come through a personal faith in Christ.  Volunteer doctors, dentists, nurses, dental hygienists, paramedics, children’s workers, cooks, hair stylists and general volunteers meet the physical needs of the local population, while sharing the hope found through salvation in Jesus Christ. 

While waiting for their free prescription, individuals who come for treatment have a one-on-one conversation with a crusade volunteer who shares the message of Christ and offers them the opportunity to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.  Volunteer children’s workers share the Good News of Jesus Christ with the local children through songs, games, crafts, Bible stories and clowning.

Several Evangelistic Medical Mission Crusades (EMMC) occur each year, with teams ranging in size from 10 to 40 volunteers from Mexico, the United States and Canada.  Each crusade takes place in a community that has an active missionary or congregation, in order to ensure effective follow-up and discipleship.

Adrian Tovar, Director of EMMC

Refuge Ranch

A snow-capped volcano and rolling valleys provide the backdrop for a new home and a new beginning for abandoned children in central Mexico.  Committed to providing these children with the love, support, structure and freedom found within the context of a family, Julie, with the help of support staff, seeks to raise each child as her own at Refuge Ranch.  The love and reality of Christ expressed through everyday family living experiences such as mealtimes, family vacations and traditions, and daily chores, transform the children’s hearts and habits, enabling them to become all the Lord wants them to be. 

Homeschooling aids this process through the use of Christian curriculum and by catering to each child’s unique educational needs.

The family at Refuge Ranch currently consists of 20 children, of whom 11 live at the Ranch.  Angie and her sister Diana came from living in a vacant storefront in Mexico City with their drug-addicted mother.  Martita and her sister Lolis survived the death of their mother as young girls and the abusive conditions of their alcoholic father.  Martha walked alone from her mountain village seeking treatment at an EMMC.  She came home with the crusade team, leaving behind a life of abuse and malnutrition.  Ana joined the family when she was one day old.  Ana’s mother, young, impoverished and struggling to raise five children, arranged to surrender Ana at birth.  Fidel joined the family after an EMMC, when he was found living in a jail cell, having been abandoned by all of his relatives.  As a toddler, Daniel became part of the family when his birth mother abandoned him.  A severe congenital heart defect led to surgery at age 5 resulting in his tragic death.  Jocelin joined the family upon the death of her single mother.  Siblings, Fatima, Leo, Miguel, Carolina, and David, joined the family after being abandoned by their mother.  Alejandro  was rescued after being rejected by all of his family members.  Harumi and Crhistopher most recently became part of the family when their single mother decided she no longer wanted them.  Josiah, Caleb and Ruth are Julie’s biological children.  Julie is open to welcoming more children as God leads.

Julie Claassen
Director of Fishers of Men